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AHC provides a safe home and a loving community to LGBTQIA+ refugees in Athens.

AHC and its community center primary focuses on integration, case-work and education.

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The Athens Housing Collective (AHC)


AHC is a housing and community-based project which aims to address the basic needs of LGBTQIA+ individuals and provide a holistic range of support services throughout the various stages of  social integration.


Qualification for the program requires a person to be 18+ years old, part of the LGBTQIA+ community, holding valid documentation in Greece and must be open to sharing accommodation.

The program requires participation in Greek language lessons, LGBTQIA+ events, employability sessions, bi-monthly casework and communal participation in the Safe Place Community Center.


AHC provides housing for up to 1 year, with the aim of facilitating information transfer within a supportive context and enabling its members to gradually integrate into Greek society.

This means having a strong level of the Greek language, knowledge of the socio-cultural context of Greece and having all the relevant documentation needed for employment and appropriate housing. Prior to a member’s completion of the program, there is a strong focus on facilitating the transition of the graduate to full autonomy and independence.