The World is in Crisis:

Show Solidarity, Show Love, Give Hope!

During these uncertain times where the world is advised to stay at home and practice social distancing, others are unable to do so, because of the precarious and inhumane conditions which they are forced to live making social distancing and proper sanitation impossible.


Greece is home to over 120,000 migrants and refugees currently living in overcrowded camps and accommodation, with severe pre-existing medical conditions, under extreme unsanitary and unhygienic conditions. Immediate protection and public health response must be provided to asylum seekers, migrants and refugees ensuring adequate accommodation, sanitation packages and ability for social distancing, especially for those most vulnerable like single mothers, children and LGBTQIA+.


Protecting people is the job of the state especially in light of the COVID-19 pandemic where the need for ensuring protection and basic human rights has become a global necessity.  Volunteers, grassroots organizations and aid workers continue to support migrants and refugees in Greece but responding to a global pandemic like COVID-19 is becoming increasingly difficult.  The world is in crisis but humanity must act today in order to preserve the life of those most vulnerable - those that went searching for hope and a new life! Let us step up our work and give them this chance.


Thanks to your donations, Safe Place International will be able to provide sanitation packages, basic needs, such as food and clothes as well as the much needed information dissemination on COVID-19.  Let us show solidarity and hope in a time of uncertainty and fear!