The Dream Academy (TDA) is a collaboration of academic institutions, educational experts, social-emotional learning experts, members of the arts and performance communities, and global companies with the amazing SPI worldwide team of staff and volunteers serving the doubly marginalized refugee community. The 10-week intensive course is designed to bring essential learning and trajectory-changing experiences to where doubly marginalized refugees are. The course actively facilitates connections to people, organizations, and content that open up pathways for the full life actualization of participants. Safe Place International started its pilot TDA in April 2021 and concluded it in mid-June 2021. The team recruited a total of 35 LGBTQIA+ refugees and asylum seekers - 19 from Nairobi, 11 from Athens, and 5 from South Africa - to participate in the pilot program.

Each participant had to develop their own Social Impact Project and implement it in their communities as part of their graduation from TDA. To support the continued growth of the graduates and the implementation of their projects, SPI has started an Advanced Leadership Program for all our pilot TDA graduates.

In the near future, SPI is leading 6 additional TDA programs - 1 TDA in French, 1 TDA in Spanish, and 4 simultaneous TDAs in English - for the remainder of this year.