This multi-coalition project aims to improve the safety and protection for LGBTQIA+ and other doubly marginalized refugees through advocating for policy changes and reforms in asylum processes at both the EU and member state levels. 

The lack of protection for Doubly Marginalized Refugees under the current Common European Asylum Policy has led vulnerable population to suffer from the lack of access to essential services, discrimination and, at times, violence in the first countries of asylum. With the lack of protection and recognition of their vulnerability, doubly marginalized refugees are at risk of further marginalization.

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The goal of SPI’s advocacy program is to advocate for EU member states to recognize that Doubly Marginalized Refugees, such as LGBTQIA+ refugees, are faced with compounded challenges which requires them to be granted special protection, including access to essential health and social services, exemption from the accelerated admissibility process under the EU-Turkey Agreement, and prioritization in the asylum system.


Safe Place International aims to achieve this goal by understanding the gaps that exist between local on the ground practices, national policies and EU legislation through research and interviews with relevant stakeholders, particularly in countries of first entry. Ultimately, our goal is to create and advocate for the implementation of a vulnerability assessment that can be utilized in refugee reception centers that accurately and efficiently identifies refugees requiring special protection, and of a training program for asylum officials on the proper handling of LGBTQIA+ asylum claims.