Global Family recognizes that grassroots safehouses are a critical life saving resource for LGBTQIA+ refugees escaping the threat of violence and persecution.


The Global Family program has supported Rohingya refugee windowed mothers in Bangladesh, Single African Mothers in Istanbul, LGBTQI rights activist in Nepal and India and currently supports a network of LGBTQIA+ Safe Houses across Africa, Greece, Turkey and Latin America.



Community Support Initiative for Refugees (CoSIR) is a nonprofit supporting LGBTQI refugees living in Nairobi.

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Casa La Banda

Casa La Banda was born in Mexico City, serving as a shelter for refugees and the LGBTQI+ community.



Foundation for Lesbian Bisexual and Queer Refugees (FLBQR) is a non-profit organization for lesbian, bisexual, and queer women refugees in Kenya.

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Give Luv Outernational (GLO)

Give Luv Outernational (GLO) is a US based non-profit organization supporting displaced families in Greece and Turkey with a focus on food and shelter.

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Happy Family Youth Uganda

Formed in April 2016, Happy Family Youth Uganda is a non profit organization actively working to ensure the safety of the LGBTQI community of Uganda



LAMBDA is active since 2010, working to promote the social and economic inclusion of the LGBTQI population in Guatemala.

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Let's Walk Uganda

Let’s Walk Uganda is a local non-profit organization based in Kampala, Uganda.



PASSOP is a community-based non-profit human rights organization devoted to protecting and fighting for the rights of asylum seekers, refugees, and immigrants in South Africa.

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Pride Umbrella Kenya

Pride Umbrella provides shelter, food, and medicines for the LGBTQIA+ asylum seeker community in Nairobi, Kenya.

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Queer Sex Workers Initiative for Refugees (QSWIR)

QWSIR makes efforts to give the Queer Sex Worker a Dignified Social Identity, to continuously take care of the health of LGBTQ sex workers, in particular take steps for improvement in sexual health.

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Formed in 2019, the non-profit Rainbow Family Support and Advocacy – Africa (RaFaSA) was founded for and by LGBTQIA refugees and asylum seekers to support LBGTQIA refugee/asylum seeker parents and their children.



Refugee Independence Support Organization (RISO) is a collective based in Nairobi, Kenya, created to address the problems faced by the LGBTQI refugee community in the region.


Refugee Enterpreneur Empowerment and Advocacy

Empowering Refugees through Entrepreneurship and Skill Development. Business Start-Ups in East Africa. Advocates for LGBTQQ refugee and asylum seeker rights.


Rella Women's Foundation

A program that inspires and motivates more LBQ individuals to join the experience of the women’s, LGBTIQ and youth movement Uganda.

Aman Project

The Aman Project

Since 2017, the Aman shelter provided a home, a community, and training to help more than 100 of Istanbul’s most vulnerable refugees, homeless LGBTQ+ individuals, get back on their feet.