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Safe Place Greece Announces New Executive Director

Safe Place Greece [SPG], a refugee organization with a focus on doubly marginalised refugees is happy to announce its new Executive Director: Bisi Alimi.

Bisi Alimi is coming to SPG with over 15 years of experience in International Development, most of which has been spent in HIV and LGBTQ+ advocacy both in Nigeria his birth country, and the United Kingdom his home country.

Alimi’s passion for LGBTQ+ rights is personal. As a budding actor, Alimi came out on national television in Nigeria in 2004, making him the first gay man to do so.

The incident ended his acting career and led to him fleeing Nigeria to seek refuge in the UK.

As the executive director of SPG, Bisi Alimi is one of very few refugees in the world to head a refugee organization.

Alimi is a passionate social impact geek. He has set up multiple organisations including: The Initial for Equal Rights in Nigeria, which is Nigeria’s biggest LGBT organisation. He was also a founding member of the Kaleidoscope Trust in the UK, and the founder and executive Director of the Bisi Alimi Foundation.

Bisi Alimi’s appointment comes at a crucial time for the refugee crisis and its global impact, and there is no one better suited to the challenge.

In Bisi’s own words, “I am greatly humbled to be taking over SPG at a time when refugee discussion and debate across Europe is setting the tone for elections and political discourse. I hope that my presence and visibility will highlight the different success stories of refugees across Europe, the stories that are not being told.”

About SPG: Safe Place Greece is a refugee organization that provides services for doubly marginalized refugees (the LGBTQ+ communities, BIPOC, single mothers) with the aim of creating a happy and healthy family atmosphere for those who are far away from anything familiar.

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